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The north of Vietnam is still relatively undiscovered. You will be able to visit places that tourists rarely reach.
Our jeep adventures will bring you to these remote places, transporting you through picturesque valleys and across magnificent mountain passes.
The main areas in the North for our activities are BacHa and the old French hill station of Sapa.  Sapa and Bac Ha are two perfect starting places for shorter or longer excursions: trekking, bicycling, or even visiting colorful markets.
Also not to be missed on any trip to the north of Vietnam is the UNESCO protected area of Halong Bay. We offer tours both for relaxing on the boat and more active tours based on kayaking.
The area around Hanoi gives you  countless opportunities to visit  national parks and important cultural and historical sites.



Option One: Discover North East Vietnam
    + Tour Code: TNE-01
    + Duration: 7 days - 6 nights

This trip is designed for people who want to see a part of Vietnam that few tourists visit. We’ll see the amazing beauty of a landscape with towering mountains, rushing rivers, and forests of pine and cinnamon trees. Even more beautiful are the people we’ll encounter: hill tribe people from the Tay, Nung, H’mong and Lo Lo ethnic minorities. These people proudly follow their traditional practices and you will visit their villages, their markets and their homes. You’ll return to your country with a camera full of dramatic pictures, a head full of wonderful stories and heart changed with a new perspective and understanding of the people and culture of this beautiful corner of the world.


Option Two: Discover Northeast and Northwest Vietnam
    + Tour Code: TWE-02
    + Duration: 10 days - 9 nights

This option builds on the first five days of Option One (see above) with an additional four days of adventure during which you will travel to rarely-visited villages in Northwest Vietnam. The additional four days of Option Two ensure an even deeper understanding of the people and culture of Vietnam. This is a once in a lifetime experience.


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