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  • Our banner Our banner
    My Way - Your Choice
  • Lao Chai Village Lao Chai Village
    One of the famous minority village in Sapa
  • The Red Dao People in Sapa Vietnam The Red Dao People in Sapa Vietnam
    Sharing Story
  • Flower Hm'ong Kids Flower Hm'ong Kids
    Mountain kids with firewood - on the way home
  • From The HMong in Bac Ha From The HMong in Bac Ha
    Skirt for sale at Bac Ha Market
  • On the Tram Ton Pass On the Tram Ton Pass
    The picture was taken on my recent trip to Binh Lu
  • Our Bike Our Bike
    Our Trek Bike
  • Fansipan Mt Fansipan Mt
    The roof of Indochina in Vietnam
  • Our way to Vietnam Our way to Vietnam
    One of our most recent excited biking to in Vietnam
  • Fansipan Moutain Range Fansipan Moutain Range
    Sapa Where the Heaven Meets the earth
  • Tram Ton Pass Tram Ton Pass
    The highest pass in Vietnam ( 2047m)
  • Biking Trip Biking Trip
    This is special trip to Binh Lu -off the Beaten track
  • The Heaven Gate The Heaven Gate
    Our Custormer with Trek bike
  • Above the Cloude Above the Cloude
    Under the cloude is the nicest Sapa valley
  • A corner of Bac Ha market A corner of Bac Ha market
    Opens once a week ( Sunday)
  • Rice Field Rice Field
    Golden harvest Sapa - September
  • Sapa Peacefull Road Sapa Peacefull Road
    On The way to Lao Chai village
  • This is Thanh, the tour guide This is Thanh, the tour guide
    I love cycling
  • Mum and daughter Mum and daughter
    Friendly people
  • Buffalo boy Buffalo boy
    Experience the local life
  • Volunteer Work Volunteer Work
    transfering brick to the school in Supan vilage -Sapa

Hello, xin chao!    

My name is Tran Chi Tranh. In 2002 I completed a 4-year Degree in Tourism at the University of Ha Noi. I'm the youngest of  the 12 children in my family, my parents could only afford to pay for the education of myself and my younger brother. The rest of my siblings help my elderly parents on our family farm but I have been a tour guide for more than 9 years.This is my International guiding licence after 5 year of study

I love being a tour guide. I have great pride in Vietnam and deep respect for the culture of the many ethnic groups living in Northern Vietnam. I want to share this pride and respect with each of my clients. I moved to Sa Pa as soon as my studies were complete to learn more about Vietnam's ethnic minority groups and be at the centre of North Vietnamese tourism. I am still learning about unusual destinations, learning about the different and unique customs of the many hill tribes around Sa Pa, learning about the plants, animals, geography and history of my fascinating country. I am constantly developing my guiding talents, working on my language skills and improving my abilities to ensure that each of my clients has an unforgettable guiding experience.

Philip Deering, my diligent & great Dad...SmileLaughing

My name is Philip Deering. I am an American tourist who has taken two trips to the north of Vietnam. I would highly recommend that tourists/travelers/trekkers who want a great guide and travel agency work with Thanh and his agency – VietnamMyWay. 

My first trip with Thanh was in 2006, where he was my guide for four days. The first day we visited the Sunday market at Bac Ha. Then, he was my guide on a three-day, two-night trek to Hill Tribe villages near Sapa. During this trip to Vietnam, I also visited Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, and Ninh Binh, as well as spending some time in Hanoi. 
My second trip was for ten days. Thanh made all my arrangements, and this trip was one of the best travel experiences of my life (and I’ve done lots of travel in the developing world as well as Europe).
My second trip consisted of another three-day, two-night trek to Hill Tribe villages near Bac Ha. Then Thanh, a driver and I took off for Hagiang and the far reaches of Hagiang Province, driving through this amazing country to the colonial fort town of Dong Van. During this trip, we were completely off the tourist track and I ran into about 4 non-Vietnamese the whole time.
Thanh is a superb guide. Some of the qualities that set him apart are:
  • Absolute integrity – He does what he says, and you can trust him completely.
  • Puts the traveler first – He made it clear to me that my safety and happiness were the most important to him, coming before making money.
  • Has great knowledge of and pride for the local people, their culture, as well as the geography, agriculture, and flora and fauna. It’s fun to be with him because you learn a lot.
  • Speaks very good English and can translate from multiple Hill Tribe languages so that you can make yourself understood and actually communicate (through Thanh) to your hosts in home stay siturations.
  • Likes to get off the tourist track himself. Has a good sense of adventure and wants to take people to see the less commercial parts of his country.
  • Added Bonus: Thanh has a terrific singing voice.  So if you’re on a long hike and you get worn down, he can sing for you to keep your mind off the long hills.
If you haven’t been to Vietnam, go. If you’re interested in a special trip, tailored to your interests and you have a bit of a sense of adventure and want to see places few others will ever see, I recommend to you work with VietnamMyWay.
Please contact me with any questions (or if you want to see some of my pictures). Phil.deering@dashe.com.
Phil Deering
Vice President, Consulting Services
Dashe & Thomson
O: 612-338-4911
M:  612-619-8628  612-619-8628

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